Need a help on jira decorators

Hi Need a help to use right jira decorators for Issue more > actions page

Presently I use,

<meta name="decorator" content="issueaction" />

It show as,

Actually I also want to display Issue key and summary info. e.g. as below.

Please help me.

Hi @scmenthusiast,

Thanks for posting this in the community. AFAIK, these are the only decorators we have. Where did you get the issueaction decorator content?

Anne Calantog

Hi Anne,

I found it in one of an existing core jira action page, thinking if we can have something similar hidden decorators to use.

Its not hard for me to design UI showing issue key and summary details. just like to save the time if something already exists for use. :slight_smile:

Thank you, Best regards

Wrote my own UI to show issue key and summary details in action page.

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