Need clarification on response from GET /1/members/{id} endpoint

I need some clarification on the following fields in the response:

  • idEnterprise (why is it not an array? How come it can be null, while idEnterprisesAdmin is not?)
  • idPremOrgsAdmin
  • difference between aaEmail and email

Can anyone from the staff help?

This is an array of “premium” organizations that the user is an admin of.

This is the email address associated with the Atlassian account. I’m not sure whether it is possible for email and aaEmail to differ.

I think (and that is a very loose think) that this has to do with whether a user’s email address is “claimed” by an enterprise or not. If I’m not mistaken, this is the ID of the enterprise that has claimed the user.

Thank you for you reply, @bentley!

When you write about “premium” organizations, you mean workspaces, which are covered under “Standard”, “Premium” or “Enterprise” plans, all lumped together, correct?

I do believe so.

I think that answers my question. Thank you!

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