Need help mitigating clash of Closure Libraries in Atlassian SDK


We’re building a Jira-server plugin where the frontend is created with Clojurescript, which uses the Closure Library. Jira-server apparently uses this library as well. When our dev-build is loaded in the Atlassian SDK I get all sorts of errors related to the Closure libraries clashing. From what I’ve found this is to be expected as this library is not intended to be loaded twice during development. A release build runs fine obviously because all the library stuff is compiled away.

I’m a bit puzzled why I’m dealing with your dev-build during my dev-time, but I’m assuming you’ve good reason for that. I’m wondering if I can somehow turn this off though. I tried running the SDK with dev-mode disabled but that doesn’t solve the issue. I’m also trying to find some hack to resolve the issue from within our build but it would be nice if there was some proper fix in the dev-setup. Can some-one with knowledge about these internals on the Jira side elaborate on what’s happening and give some advice on how to mitigate this issue?

Kind regards,