Need to customize "dialog-button-panel" section of Macro editor window

Hi Team,

I need to add some custom text fields in the “dialog-button-panel” section of confluence macro editor window [Highlighted area in the attached snapshot

]. Could you please help to provide the link of any documentation which i can refer ?


Assuming you want to alter this field for one particular macro, the following JS is a sample what you are looking for. This function executes the JS when the user opens the macro editor.

AJS.bind('init.rte', function() {
    AJS.MacroBrowser.setMacroJsOverride('macro-name', {opener:
        function(macro) {
            window.alert('PUT your JS in this function');

If you can get a hold of the Confluence source code, I highly recommend reading the file macro-browser.js for many other useful override functions.