Need to determine minimum version of dependencies, for my plugin

My plugin was designed to work with a version of Jira that is becoming EOL, so I want to update it to use the latest dependencies. I’d like it to work with as many earlier versions as possible (Jira/Confluence) that aren’t EOL. How can I determine what version numbers to use?

The dependencies are: : gson : 2.2.2-atlassian-1 : jsr311-api : 1.1.1
com.atlassian.sal : sal-api : 2.10.20
com.atlassian.templaterenderer : atlassian-template-renderer-api : 1.5.4
com.atlassian.confluence : atlassian-user-custom : 5.6.1
com.atlassian.confluence : confluence-custom : 5.6.1
com.atlassian.jira : jira-api : 6.4.13
com.atlassian.jira : embedded-crowd-api : 6.4.13
com.atlassian.refapp : atlassian-platform : 2.22.0
com.atlassian.maven.plugins : maven-refapp-plugin : 5.0.13
com.atlassian.plugins : atlassian-plugins-osgi-testrunner : 1.2.3
com.atlassian.seraph : atlassian-seraph : 2.5.1
com.atlassian.jira : crowd-api : 7.1.2
com.atlassian.jira : embedded-crowd-core : 7.1.2
com.atlassian.jira : embedded-crowd-core : 7.1.2
com.atlassian.jira : embedded-crowd-api : 7.1.2
com.atlassian.spring : spring-api : 2.0

Thank you

I use IntelliJ Idea, as I change a maven dependency it shows all the deprecated dependency in my code itself. You could start from top one and go down one by one. Another way would be to just update the version and package the plugin and fix errors. Sorry I don’t know any easy way.

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Go through the “Preparing for xxxx” documents - there’s usually a platform component on them. In the above example - You’ll need to bump sal-api (3.x+), jira-api (7.2+) . I think there’s something in the back of my head about spring and things.

But read through (sorry about the multiple links -’s server documentation buries things nowadays it seems - there might be more items at ):

Thank you for the reply @daniel. If I link to jira-api (7.2) is it backwards compatible?

Depends on what you’re trying to be compatible with. It’s forwards compatible until 8.x(since 8.x hadn’t been announced - verdict is out). All versions before 7.2 have been eol:d (or will be in 3 days).

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