Needing jump start for developing a dynamic content macro

Hello all,

I am pretty new to the Atlassian development environment and looking for a point where I can start from. I am aware that there are docs and examples out there and you find a list of those I worked through below, but either they are really outdated or incomplete (considering the dynamic macro at least).

  1. Dynamic Macro doc and the outdated example project
  2. This lesson and all required for it
  3. A lot forum threads etc.

What I am trying to create is a macro which displays the content of a different webpage. It is basically an iFrame but there are additional functions which have to be implemented (choosing what resource to show, mode, limitations etc.) as well as an SSO conducted via pop-up. All those should be accessible for users who are not familiar with coding. At the moment, I use a HTML macro and some code. Maybe you guys have a good idea where I could start. I appreciate every hint!

I am not sure if this might be relevant for you, but the first step would be to create a first macro based on some tutorial ( ). It will show how to interact between FE/BE and what is the macro logic between the view and the RTE.

Regarding to the popup I would suggest to look at the AUI dialog (Dialog2 - AUI Documentation) to respect the user experience.