Nested JQL support for customfiel Id syntax: "cf[10144].items" in (item1, item2)


I’d like to use the customfield Id to access nested customfield values in JQL, like this
“cf[10144].items” in (item1, item2)
Instead of
“CFName.items” in (item1, item2)

I am using forge customfield type module with the Object value type I’d like to give customers a link to issue search navigator that has already selected items in JQL selected.
Now I could do this with the customfield name, but the extensionContext does not give back fieldName, only fieldId. Meaning I would need another API call to get the fieldName from the fieldId which I would like to avoid in the customfield View function because of performance reasons.

Alternatively it would be great if extensionContext could also return the fieldName.


Hello, @WolfgangLandes,

We are planning to add the custom field name to the context soon. You can track the progress here: [FRGE-583] - Ecosystem Jira.