New added user was surprisingly automatically assigned to tasks completed last year in Jira

I added a new user last night to our Jira and assigned a few open tickets to him.

Today, I just found out he was assigned to some tickets completed last year automatically, and in those tickets, it shows last Nov, he had actually logged estimates and hours, but he was never in Jira before.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? what was the reason?


Hi @xi1,

You’ll get more answers in our users community. This community is mostly for development topics :slight_smile:

Anne Calantog

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Maybe that’s not an user issue, but a bug?

A possible reason might be the username was previously used by a deleted user

  • user A was created with username abc
  • user A changed the username from abc to abcd
  • user A’s jira account was deleted
  • user B is created with username abc
  • user B get user A’s open tickets and work logs