New beta app in Marketplace for migrating from Confluence Server to Confluence Cloud

A couple of days ago, Atlassian launched an app on the Marketplace called Cloud Migration Assistant for Confluence. It helps customers to move spaces between Server and Cloud in a seamless process (replacing need to manually export and import individual spaces).

This is a public beta, so it’s visible to customers. I wanted to share this with everyone because you may have customers that are trying it out, so best to be in the know. Please visit the app listing for more details about how this works, what it does, what it doesn’t do, etc.

I might also suggest giving it a whirl yourself, especially if you have a Confluence app in the Marketplace (either Server or Cloud), and sharing your experience/feedback as it pertains to your app.

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Hi @nmansilla

I’m curious, how does the Cloud Migration Assistant handle attachments, especially when a server instance exceeds the 25GB (or 100GB) of allotted cloud attachment file limit?

Hi @ademoss - It’s my understanding that tool itself is not limited to an instance size or maximum, however the cloud recommended guideline is 25gb

Hi @ademoss - Storage limits in Cloud are not currently enforced in product so the migration assistant isn’t doing anything additional to handle attachments that go above the policy. We are currently revising our storage policy in Cloud and will roll out more options for purchasing additional storage, along with enforcing the limits sometime in 2019. We will notify vendors and customers in advance before we roll out these changes.

Hi @ahuselid, thanks for letting me know. Given that I have 2 addons that provide alternate storage options, how can I find out more details about these upcoming changes? Especially since they might impact my business :slight_smile:

Once we have the details to share, we will share with you and other app vendors well in advance of it being rolled out.