New Cloud changes related to user_key deprecation

Hi - I just came to know that Atlassian is planning to remove user_key support from multiple JIRA APIs, context parameters and webhooks.

In our cloud app, we are heavily using user_key right now. Is there any other vendor who is also facing these challenges right now?

Do you guys have any recommendation how we should replace user_key with Account_ID in all the db tables?

And does any one know when Atlassian is planning to remove user_key support so accordingly i need to prioritize this change?

Thank You.


Many vendors apps will be affected by these changes. However, all we have done so far is published a notice of the changes that are being planned. No changes have been implemented at this time.

You can read more about the plans for these changes here

Unfortunately, until we announce what those changes are and how to update your app we will not remove the user_key until there has been a grace period to allow you to change over. Additionally, no one will be able to guide you on how they are handling this change as there is nothing to change to as of yet.

We’re being overly communitive on these changes as it will have an impact and to prepare you for this change.

Make sure your in the know by subscribing to all our resources that we provide listed here

Atlassian announces API changes 6 months in advance.

Is this notice the start of this 6 month period? Or does the 6 month period start when it’s clear what is going to change and what vendors will actually have to do?

FYI we’re already seeing the new accountId in some webhooks and REST API responses from Jira Cloud so we’re modifying our codebase to use the new properties where they exist and fall back to the old ones where they don’t.

The biggest problem for us is going to be updating post-function configuration (in which we store a username/userkey) because there is no API for that apart from the Javascript onSave API which would require all our customers to re-save every single workflow postfunction they created via our app.

Hi @rwhitbeck

How were you planning to deal with old versions of plugins. Since users don’t have to update to the latest version then some users could be using old versions that don’t take into account the accountId. For these users the plugin will just stop working one day.

Just something to think about when discussing this