New create meta endpoint documentation

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to implement the new create meta endpoints for Jira 9.

According to the documentation, when you expand “Schema”:

there should be both an expand field as well as a “fields” array available for the endpoint where you don’t specify the issuetype. However it seems this is not what is implemented as the endpoint will return neither of those properties.

It would be handy to have this to analyse all the issue types in a project at once, otherwise I would first have to get a list of all issue types and then query them individually

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yes, same problem here. also the Jira 9.0.0 endpoint does not seem to return the “fields” in the response. is this expected?

actually the GET /rest/issue/createmeta/{projectIdOrKey}/issuetypes/{issueTypeId} works.

i would be great if i can get all fields for all issuetypes from the GET /rest/issue/createmeta/{projectIdOrKey}/issuetypes endpoint tho

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