New date for cloud app purchasing on the new cloud billing engine

If you’ve been following our updates for Marketplace Partners (Monthly Updates, Roadmap Webinar, or Marketplace Partner Skim), you’ll know that Atlassian is moving to a new cloud billing engine. Over the past several months we’ve prepared by migrating the app catalog onto the new system and beginning to migrate customers without Marketplace apps.

We plan to enable app purchasing on the new billing engine the last week of November

The next important milestone for apps on the new billing engine is enabling Marketplace app purchasing. We are currently targeting November 28th (US time zones) to enable app purchasing on the new billing engine .

While existing customers will continue purchasing apps on the old system on this date, it is possible that net new customers who are already on the new billing engine may begin purchasing apps on the new system starting the last week of November.

We do not currently plan to migrate any existing customers with cloud apps until early next year, so the bulk of the reporting changes through the new billing engine will arrive then. We will communicate with you when we have a firm date for this step, but in the meantime you can view the full schedule here.

However, because new customers who have already been moved to the new billing engine can buy apps starting the last week of November, we recommend being prepared for the changes, API differences, and UI differences by November 28th.

We expect app purchasing volume to be low initially, since we are migrating customers with lowest likelihood to purchase apps first. However, being prepared for these changes means that you will be able to have data continuity for your business and not miss any new license or billing data coming from the new system.

The new billing engine will enable numerous billing improvements for cloud customers and Marketplace Partners with cloud apps

Enabling customers to purchase cloud apps and Atlassian cloud products through the new billing engine will unlock improvements in the future, like:

  • Editions for cloud apps on Atlassian Marketplace (you can find details and a timeline for this in-progress feature on the Partner Portal here)
  • Marketplace Partners will be able to receive contact information for free customers
  • A single billing engine for all cloud products with a consolidated view of cloud subscriptions across sites
  • Better user experience and support for partners and customers to manage cloud subscriptions

Enabling app purchasing on the new billing engine will result in some permanent and some temporary changes for Marketplace Partners

While the new billing engine will bring a number of improvements, it is a major change that will come with changes that partners should be prepared for, like:

  • SEN will be replaced by EntitlementId and EntitlementNumber
  • New flow and API for creating promo codes — Marketplace Partners will be able to create customized promo codes for customers on the new billing engine
  • App archival and paid to free conversion will be temporarily unavailable
  • Renewals will be created automatically by the system (no need to create a new order)

What should partners do to prepare?

We encourage you to review our resources in the Partner Portal by November 28th to get:

If you have any questions, feel free to join us for a Product Team Talk Time on the New Billing Engine on November 17th.

Thanks for the update @HarshDhaka!

SEN will be replaced by EntitlementId and EntitlementNumber

Does this mean that apps purchased using the new billing engine starting on Nov 28th do no longer have SEN numbers? Or is there a transition period where those purchases have both SEN and EntitlementId/Number? I’ve read your extensive documentation on partner portal but could not find a clear answer.

We’re still waiting on introduction of HostEntitlementId/Number before we can finally migrate away from SEN. Please let us know once this is available. Thanks!

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I have looked everywhere but did not find the description on EntitlementId vs. EntitlementNumber. What is the difference between these two, apart from a different format?

When I am creating promo codes, will I need to know if the customer is on the new or old billing system? Much like I need to know if they are using monthly or annual billing.

Hey @LeslieGilbertAppfire - No, the promo codes will work as usual from this point of view, as nothing on promo codes will change in regards to how these codes are considered internally by our systems. You can just create promo codes and apply them as you’ve been doing.

Hey @RaimisJ - Both Entitlement Id and Entitlement Number are unique identifier that refers to an entitlement. Entitlement Id is a globally unique identifier (GUID). It is required for API and system interaction with the new billing system. Entitlement Number is a human friendly, shorter version of Entitlement Id that you can use when communicating with customer or our Advocates.

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Hey @BenRomberg - You’re correct on your assumption, the new billing system will not generate SEN entitlements, so customers who made their first purchase on the new system will simply not have a SEN.

At the app level, unique identifiers for new app purchases will also be replaced. In the new billing engine, new app purchases will use appEntitlementNumber and appEntitlementId as their unique identifier.

Host EntitlementId/Number will be available on the 28th of November onwards.

Hi @HarshDhaka - One quick question: will we receive the contact information of current free customers, or only the new free customers after the billing engine migration? Tks!

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@EduardoOliveira This is future requirement that we will solve for. We will share more details when we start planning for onboarding Free apps on new billing engine.

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Great to hear @HarshDhaka, thank you

Update is now live here: Atlassian has enabled app purchasing on the new billing engine for cloud customers without apps

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