New editor breaks single issue Jira macro

When I create a page using the new editor and insert a Jira macro to link to a single issue I get the following storage format after publishing:
<ac:structured-macro ac:name="jira" ac:schema-version="1" ac:macro-id="540f2167-6485-49b6-9ec0-86bd73ca215e"><ac:parameter ac:name="server">System JIRA</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="columns">key,summary,type,created,updated,due,assignee,reporter,priority,status,resolution</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="serverId">bddbcc7d-9e71-3db0-9054-6f36e5e4fe97</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="key">TEST-1</ac:parameter></ac:structured-macro>
When I edit the page again using the editor, the macro cannot be modified as a macro anymore, it is a mere link - so to change the macro I would need to delete the macro and insert a new macro.
If I publish the page again, the storage format of the macro has changed to:

<a href="" data-card-appearance="inline"></a>

So the macro is a constant in the editor (effect for users), the storage format changes (effect for vendors) and in turn export of that does not work either (effect for users).
Can somebody confirm that?


This is exactly what I see as well.

Further, the rendering of a brand new /jira macro is odd until the page is published – it is rendered with older styling, as if it were the actual macro. Next time the page is edited, it gets updated to the newer styling.

Also, this macro does not render at all using the /contentbody/convert REST API – it yields the message Error rendering macro 'jira' : null.


The behaviour is most likely caused by the adf:
This is the represenation after first publish of a single issue JIRA macro


whereas a jira macro with multiple results looks more like this in ADF

{“text”:“Report”,“type”:“text”}]},{“type”:“extension”,“attrs”:{“layout”:“default”,“extensionType”:“com.atlassian.confluence.macro.core”,“extensionKey”:“jira”,“text”:" | project = TEST and issuetype = Bug ",“parameters”:{“macroParams”:{“server”:{“value”:“System JIRA”},“columns”:{“value”:“key,summary,type,created,updated,due,assignee,reporter,priority,status,resolution”},“maximumIssues”:{“value”:“20”},“jqlQuery”:{“value”:"project = TEST and issuetype = Bug "},“serverId”:{“value”:“388be431-c794-3551-9dc5-682fddbd00ec”}},“macroMetadata”:{“macroId”:{“value”:“0c867173-196a-419f-9456-2ecae6ab5d55”},“schemaVersion”:{“value”:“1”},“placeholder”:[{“type”:“image”,“data”:{“url”:“"}}],“title”:"Jira”}}}}


@nmansilla @sluthra Can you get this to the ‘new editor’ project team? I think all steps are easy to reproduce and one could even argue that this is a hot incident. It hasn’t always been like that, but I can’t tell when this changed (maybe @BobBergman has details on this).
Confluence native exports as well as our Exporter and Scroll Viewport (in approval) apps and every other functionality relying on storage format or output format processing (and that has to handle Jira macros, of course) will be influenced by this. As well as the end user …

Additional information:
I tested it on an instance with two JIRAs configured

  • it breaks for the ‘System JIRA’
  • it keeps working as a macro with the non-‘System JIRA’

Here’s the storage format for a page which uses that with System and non-system JIRA:

<p><a href="" data-card-appearance="inline"></a></p>

<p><ac:structured-macro ac:name="jira" ac:schema-version="1" ac:macro-id="4bb4d013-aaf9-4fc9-8c6c-d4eb859eee31"><ac:parameter ac:name="server">K15t Software Cloud JIRA</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="columns">key,summary,type,created,updated,due,assignee,reporter,priority,status,resolution</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="serverId">61b6191d-d412-3043-a96c-75b7bceaed1f</ac:parameter><ac:parameter ac:name="key">EXPANDO-11</ac:parameter></ac:structured-macro></p>
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@christoffer Thanks for raising this and providing deep context as you discover more.

I’ve pinged the team working on the new editor and sent them a link to this thread.


Thanks @SimonKubica - I also did some search within CONFCLOUD, but did not find anything matching my problem …

Any news here? Maybe @azelenko is interested in this?

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@SimonKubica is there any news on this behaviour? Is there a related CONFCLOUD issue for this yet? Thanks, Thomas


Hi @SimonKubica, I wanted to follow-up on this issue, as we haven’t heard back from your end for a while and the issue seems to still persist.
As Christoffer has mentioned before this is affecting three of our apps (Scroll Viewport, Scroll Word Exporter, Scroll PDF Exporter) on Confluence Cloud (in total over 1200 customers and counting).

An update on the status of this would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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@SimonKubica just wanted to check in again with this issue to see if there is any update? This comes after another of our customers has run into this problem today.

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@SimonKubica have you received any feedback from the team yet? We’d really appreciate an update here, as we keep getting questions from customers about this behavior.

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Regarding the issue that @BobBergman mentioned, “… this macro does not render at all using the /contentbody/convert REST API…”

We have an open DEVHELP-4027 w/ steps to reproduce it with one of our apps. I’m working on a support case right now for a customer having trouble using the Jira macro nested in one of our macros.

I’m digging through the history to try to find a CONFCLOUD or anything public that my customer can cling to. We originally reported this last year in 2019. Can someone from Atlassian please look into the issues mentioned in this thread?


Hi @SimonKubica , does the team working on the new editor have any update on this. Many of our customers are running into this and it would be great to know if you plan on changing this / have a CONFCLOUD issue they can follow?

It looks like this landed in the Confluence Cloud team’s backlog here:

Feel free to add more comments/content on that issue.

Hi all,
This issue has been fixed, such that new single issue Jira macros or smart links, created within a connect macro, their original storage format will be retained allowing them to be rendered as Jira macros. (i.e. it doesn’t fix existing saved content).

However I was testing with the MultiExcerpt Fast Excerpt and Include and noticed the Jira web resources were not loaded correctly and hence the macro wasn’t rendering correctly when nested. This is a separate issue with the connect app itself.