New functionalities in Jira workflow validator module

Hello, community!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added several new functionalities to the expression validators from the Jira workflow validator (preview) module in Forge.

You can now:

  • define a custom UI for creating, editing, or viewing validator configuration
  • save workflow configuration to the config context variable
  • pass a Jira expression in the manifest to dynamically build error messages
  • override Jira expressions defined in the manifest with ones stored in validator configuration
  • use more context variables that are available in Jira expressions

See the Jira workflow validator (preview) documentation for more details.

We also invite you to take a look at the new jira-workflow-validator custom UI template from the Forge CLI which shows how to use these new features.

We’re also looking into metrics and feedback regarding validators based on lambda functions. These will help us decide on the direction in which we’ll be taking this feature.

If you have any feedback or questions, leave us a comment below.

Thank you,

Jira Cloud Ecosystem team


Thank you for the great update!

Does the validator configuration support only Jira expressions validators, and doesn’t support validators based on lambda functions?
If so, I’m interested in lambda function support. My use case needs complicated logic that is difficult to achieve with Jira expressions.

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You are right the UI/config support is only available for expression based version of the validators.
Could You explain Your use-case so that maybe we could see if we could extend the expressions for this use-case in the future ?

Thank you for your reply.

Our Forge app provides a variety of custom field types that provide field security capability. I’d like to create validators using the field values of the custom field types. e.g. validate if the value of field A contains the current user.
I think there are some requirements that can’t be done with Jira expression. The most difficult part is that the value is encrypted. It’s required to use the libraries to decrypt the value. So I need to use lambda function for validators.


Another aspect here is that the platform itself involves quite fast (e.g. through various acquisitions like Forms for Jira Service Management, for instance) and Jira expressions seem from the outside perspective not to follow/match this speed here. Here it would be cool if we as vendors would like to support such things in a better way, that we have the possibility to do so.

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