New in Marketplace: Control when your new add-on is released

Hi everybody,
While many of us were communing at EU Summit / AtlasCamp last week, the Marketplace dev team back in San Francisco had an innovation week. Our very own @mventnor worked on the answer to a longstanding feature request in Marketplace - the ability for you to control the exact date/time when an add-on is published.

The old way of doing this: Mention on your approval ticket that you’d like a specific release date, then coordinate with @jgaard or @chparker and request that they hit the “approve” button at exactly the right moment.

The new and infinitely better way of doing this: When you create your add-on, simply let us know how you’d like publication to be handled:

The first option is the default, and it works like today - we’ll automatically publish your add-on immediately after it is approved. If you choose the second option, your add-on won’t be automatically published after it is approved. Instead, you’ll see this banner on the add-on management screen:

Then, once you click the “Release this add-on now” button, we’ll immediately publish the add-on. And we’ll set the “Release date” timestamp to the actual date the add-on was published.

You can specify the “release behavior” option on the “Details” tab for your add-on.



This is a great help for those of us on the marketing side who need to coordinate the publishing of launch materials in a timely way. Kudos to the team!

Is it possible to get this for existing add-ons as well?

I’m looking at 2 use cases:

  • For minor/patch releases - I might want to schedule the release to be on Sunday or Monday when my support hours open up.
  • For major release - This would be awesome to be able to coordinate a X.0 release with marketing.

I would submit a feature request, but there isn’t anyway to do that anymore… :frowning:


Totally agree on that value of that, Daniel. The way to make it a request is now here:

Link me to a ticket if Atlassian creates one and I’ll vote for it!