New Issue Field type released

Hi everyone,

I’m glad to announce that we’ve just launched a new type of Issue Field for Connect apps: read only. This allows apps to display values of issue properties in an issue field which won’t be editable by users.

Read the docs here:

If you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to let us know.



We were waiting on this but we have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to add a list of strings as a read-only field? A bit like how a multi-select works.
  2. Can we do something with the rendering of those fields? We would like to make the values links.
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@srusso Nice work! We have been looking forward to this new feature.

Tested this morning and works perfectly :+1: Just one thing I noted in the docs: The read-only issue field type is sometimes referred to as read-only and sometimes as read_only. The correct value is read_only - with the underline. The version with the dash does not work in the descriptor.

Would be good if this can be updated in the docs. Thanks!


@m.kuijpers Thank you for checking it out and providing feedback. That’s an interesting suggestion. We’ll be happy to evaluate adding it at a later stage. What ideas do you have to use read only fields with their current capabilities?

@tbinna Thanks for pointing that out, and happy the feature works for you!

Unfortunately, this kind of field cannot be used in “Regular Expression Check” built-in Jira validator.

+1 for templates

Also I wonder why extractions are not available?

Hi @george1,
read-only Issue Fields are stored in Issue Entity Properties, so you can put an extraction on those.

Hi @srusso,

Any chance that the Issue Field will support Text type similar as extractions do? I have a property that contains a text and would like to expose it as a read only field. According to docs, at the moment Issue Field Property -> types are: number, string, date.

I can add an extraction module so that my text property is available in JQL, now I would like to make other features works too, i.e.: export (issue view, issue navigator), change log in the issue history.

Also, it would be great if a read only text field could render markdown. Would it be that possible?

Also, I would need to add this module dynamically, but the limit for dynamic modules is set to 10 right now. Is it possible that you would increase the limit for Issue Field module?

Hi @maciej.dudziak,
I’m glad you find this feature useful.
I recommend raising some ACJIRA tickets (here) in order to gather some feedback and help us prioritise the work.

@srusso If the Issue Property key does not refer to an object (i.e. it’s a simple "key": "value"), what would we put in the path value specified in the Issue Field Property docs?

Would I need to repeat the “key” value again or would I use . to denote the simple key-value pair?

From the documentation it isn’t clear how the content would be rendered. It seems that you need to provide the value path on the Issue Field Property along with the builtin types. Is there a way to provide a custom rendering method for a custom field (being it linked or not to a property)?