New JIRA experience for your Cloud add-ons



Hi Kerrod,
Reaching out again to check if ADG roll out is complete ? If not, when is it expected to be complete and will there be any announcement about turning off Old UI ?


Hi @nirav.shah,

While the new experience is currently available for all customers, we still have a significant number of users on the old experience.
I currently don’t have concrete estimates on when we’ll have all users on the new experience, but any large milestones will be communicated here when they happen.


I apologize if I missed this but is there a way to switch on the new experience at the instance level? Having some users opt in and some not is a bit of a pain to support when you’re dealing with a large user base. Thanks!


Hi @kewilliams,
I completely understand the communication. It becomes increasingly difficult for us as to decide if we need to add any effort on supporting Old UI if we don’t know how far are we looking for completely moving to ADG. Do you have any update ?Its been more than a month now.


Hi @nirav.shah,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The news is the same from two months ago and a majority of our active users are still using the old experience. We’ve used this slower pace as an opportunity to learn and improve the experience before migrating the majority of our customers.

I understand that we previously set the expectation that this rollout would be contained only to this year, but we now know it will continue into the first quarter of 2018. I expect the majority of our users to be on the new experience by the middle of this next quarter.

I hope this helps when making short term decisions regarding support for the old Jira experience.



Hi @kewilliams, is there a chance to get the new UI. We just started to work with Jira Cloud and would love to get comfortable right with the new UI.

Thanks, Philipp


@phmu you can enable the new Jira Cloud UI by clicking your user profile menu in the top right hand corner and choosing “Experience the new Jira”. Check out the first section of the documentation for a screenshot:


@dmeyer thanks for your answer. I spotted this post a month ago but I haven’t this option in my :disappointed_relieved:I have also admin rights.



Hi @phmu,

Can you email me with your instance URL?



Hi, i have the same problem, could you help me?

Jira cloud is: ttps://



Hi @paolo.palermo,

That screenshot is from the new Jira UI.


I am new to Jira development. Is there a Sketch package with ADG 3?
Alternatively, what do the community think are the best tools to create mockups for Jira add-ons?


Hi @jerry.laster,

Are you develop apps for Jira Cloud or Server? In case of Cloud version, use AtlasKit. The latest Sketch file with AtlasKit you can find here.
According to tools, I use Sketch with Jira Cloud for Sketch app. I can also recommend you InVision and Adobe XD.



Thanks a lot @kpawlak! For some reason my Chrome was showing me an empty page :man_shrugging:t2:
I tried with a different browser and found it. Great material!


Hi @kewilliams,
I have not seen any communication thus far, wanted to check back and see if all the customers have been migrated over to the new UI? Can you please update us.


Hi @nirav.shah,

Currently 90% of active users are using the new Jira Cloud experience. We expect to reach 100% this quarter.



@dmeyer - Is there a way for me to know if how much % of customers that uses our product are pending ?


The new Jira experience is available to all customers. The remaining 10% of users who are not using the new Jira experience have opted out on a per-user basis, so there is no way we could provide a customer-based estimate.

The sample of users who are not on the new Jira experience yet is relatively representative of the entire Jira Cloud user base, so you should be safe to assume that this breakdown applies to your app.