New navigation: unexpected sidebar animation while app is loading

Recently we started to see weird sidebar animation during app loading:

Also, it seems like loading is now delayed. First there’s new loading spinner, then sidebar animation and only after that the app starts to load.

Any ideas on how we get get rid of it?

That affect ALL Cloud apps without sidebar. Anyone? @HeyJoe may be?

We’re seeing the same thing. Looks like regression of behaviour. @nmansilla this isn’t an incident as such but it does widely affect the user experience of most apps.

Same for our apps. All of the top-level pages show the project sidebar for a fraction of a second before loading the app

Thanks for tagging me. Can you provide some more details so I can chase up internally? Is this happening in Jira or Confluence, or both? When did you notice this change (will help us identify what caused it if we have a time frame)?

It started somewhat about 2 weeks or so in Jira. Can’t tell if same issue persists in Confluence since we are Jira only developers.

We see this short appearance of the left navigation (which duplicates the menu items of the new top navigation) also for our eazyBI app general page for Jira Cloud. We do not see this when opening the eazyBI app general page for Confluence Cloud.

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We see this behavior on the global generalPage entry point (where there is not project context) for Jira.

The Jira team are aware of this bug! Thanks for flagging it with us. I’m following up to see if there is a bug ticket you can watch for updates.