New side panel macro editor does not accept new line for parameter description

Hi devs,

After the new side panel macro editor implementation, we found out that macro parameter description no longer accepts new line.
For example we have this description that works in the previous macro editor and would display new lines and bullet points but not in the new sidebar

"identifier": "labels",
"name": {
"value": "Labels"
"description": {
"value": "<p>The list of labels to attach to the new page.</p>\n<p>Labels can be separated like so:</p>\n<ul>\n    <li>label1,label2</li>\n    <li>label1 label2</li>\n</ul>\n"
"type": "string",
"required": false

What is the correct way to have macro parameter description with multiple lines?

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Hi @m.khairuliana ,

Thanks for reporting this. It seems this functionality was accidentally dropped in the new design. I’ve created CONFCLOUD-72564 for the Confluence Cloud team to address.


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