New 'view issues' permission in Jira Cloud

Atlassian sent out this email overnight advising there is a new ‘view issues’ permission coming soon:

Over the next month, we’re rolling out changes to how project permissions work in classic Jira projects.

We’ve split the permissions for viewing a project’s issues and seeing the project’s details across your Jira site.

From now on, you can grant the following permissions separately in your classic permissions schemes:

  • the Browse project permission – which lets people see the project’s name, key and other details in the project directory or while searching Jira
  • the View issues permission – which lets people view and interact with a project’s issues

We tie a lot of our app’s functionality to the BROWSE_PROJECTS permission so this is likely to require several changes on our part. I have lots of questions but I haven’t been able to find any developer information about this change.

Can any Atlassians answer these for us?

  • What is the key of the new permission, is it VIEW_ISSUES ?
  • Will everyone who currently has ‘browse projects’ be granted ‘view issues’ automatically?
  • Is it possible to have ‘view issues’ permission without having ‘browse projects’?
  • Will ‘browse projects’ do anything any more if you grant it to ‘current assignee’ — will users be able to see a restricted project if they have a ticket in it?
  • How does ‘view issues’ permission interact with issue security schemes?
  • When is the change being rolled out — and can we get early access to it?

Great questions.

Hi @charlie,

Thanks for raising this. I’ll try to find the right people in Jira to answer these questions.


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Thanks @dmorrow - is it also possible to get somebody to talk about roll out timing of this?

Hi @charlie, @mdoar and @danielwester,

My understanding is that the email went out prematurely which is why there hasn’t been an announcement in this forum yet. Would you mind waiting until the team has posted the announcement because that should answer most questions.



If you only have the Browse Project permission, would you no longer be able to see the issues inside that project?
Would giving someone the View Issue permission also grant them the Browse Project permission automatically? As from an issue, you can inherit the project key, name, etc.

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the email as it got sent prematurely while we were still working through the details of this feature. For now, please disregard it.

We’ll follow up with a more detailed communication once we have worked out all the details. Thanks for your patience and understanding.



What’s the current status of this change to project permissions? I notice that, in our development instances of Jira Cloud, there are ‘View Projects’ and ‘View Issues’ permissions available for assignment to users.