Newline on Card Descrioption


Before the new Editor, I just made two spaces after a line and Enter to create a newline in HTML after receiving the card description via API. Im Using NodeJS “markdown-it”. Now since the new Editor, its all on one line. I can’t put two spaces anymore since its overwritten somehow.

How do I make a newline now? Strange thing is, when I console.log the data, it’s printed out on new lines, but in HTML it has no linebreaks.

Before the new editor, two spaces gave ‘\n\n’ now I only got one ‘\n’, which somehow markdown-it ignores…

Im using markdown-it with this options:

  const md = new markdownIt({
    html:         true,        // Enable HTML tags in source
    xhtmlOut:     false,        // Use '/' to close single tags (<br />). This is only for full CommonMark compatibility.
    breaks:       false,        // Convert '\n' in paragraphs into <br>
    langPrefix:   'language-',  // CSS language prefix for fenced blocks. Can be useful for external highlighters.
    linkify:      true,        // Autoconvert URL-like text to links
    typographer:  true,        // Enable some language-neutral replacement + quotes beautification

I tried to set breaks to true, but no difference.