"No Macro metadata" when installing in Confluence Cloud

We’re getting 2-3 users per week reporting getting the message “No macro metadata” when trying to create the macro associated with our app. We’ve nearly 10k active installs which all work fine, just occasionally a user installs the app and consistently sees this.

In Confluence Server this was usually a timeout on startup, or something. But in Confluence Cloud there’s nothing us or them can do. Is it just a case of always point them at Atlassian support and, ultimately, get the instance restarted?

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I had a user with this issue as well. Maybe it was a coincidence, but it started working when he tested with Chrome instead of Safari.

Our customers have the same issue. It started in August.

We’re getting this twice a day now. Come on Atlassian, your support staff seem to know what to do when this happens by blowing some magic fairy dust. You have a known problem, give us an issue to link to.

Hi! I’ve created a bug about it - https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/CE-1129. Please vote/watch.

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Atlassian Support created a bug report for me at https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/CONFCLOUD-57130 awhile ago, but they seem to be ignoring it completely now. I’m very disappointed that this isn’t getting more attention. Who knows how many customers just give up and uninstall the addon again?


I was talking to folks at the Summit this week and the timing of the problem seems to line up with the movement of cloud instances over to AWS. That’s due to complete end of September, so hopefully we’ll have an end to this…

This issue is still around.
I just installed the draw.io plugin on Confluence Cloud and got this error when trying to use it. Contacted the draw.io support who responded very quickly and indicated this is an Atlassian issue, with some dependencies on browser. They recommended I tried on a different browser and inded it work. For me : failure in Chrome, working in Firefox. Am planning to raise this as a new bug to Jira. This bug is real annoying

A user reported that switching off “Prevent cross-site tracking” in Safari preferences helped for him, that might be worth trying.