No more bug submissions for Atlaskit from non-Atlassian developers?

The only way to report AtlasKit bugs is now closed for the public without any notice and alternative Jira Service Management

Are we supposed to submit bugs via developer community? Is this some kind of joke?

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In meanwhile, I’d like to report a bug in @atlaskit/select. Basically, the new isInvalid prop doesn’t work:

And of course, it will be ignored for weeks, until somebody from Atlassian almost accidentally stumbles into the cdac.

Nah, you just need to tag some random people that have responded to Atlaskit / DS related posts in the past

@acampbell3 @AlexHinds @stephenmok

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Thanks for flagging this to us, @kazimir_io. :slight_smile:

I can confirm the issue is reproducible on the latest version of the package and we’ll be working to fix it in the next sprint.

@Klaus where do we report new bugs?