No option to install Jira software/JSM on Jira server v8.17.0-EAP02 version

Dear community,

We use an Open Telekom Cloud (OTC) to spin the Jira server instances. We fetch the artefact from the Atlassian Maven repository directly. We have spun an instance for Jira Server v8.17-EAP02. But we do not see the “Install” button inside the Applications page for Jira Software and Jira Service Management (see the screenshot attached). We noticed this behavior on fewer occasions in past as well. However, this is not the case for the publicly released Jira server versions.

Does anyone has a lead, how can I install Jira Software or Jira Service management in this case? There used to be an “Install” button instead of “Download”. Some of our apps are designed to exploit the Jira software/JSM specific features and we check the potential breaking changes of our apps that might be seen in EAP versions. BTW, uploading the JS/JSM pack manually also does not help. This, at the moment, is a bottleneck for us.

Kind regards,
Arun Paudyal (Decadis AG)