No POSTed request parameters in servlet filter plugin?

I’m writing a Confluence plugin with a servlet filter module. Everything is working well, except for when I POST something to my confluence URL, when the request gets to my servlet filter, there are no request parameters.

For example, I have a simple for like this:

<form id=helpLinkForm2 name=helpLinkForm2 method=POST action="confluenceURL">
	<input type=text name="myRequestParam" id="myRequestParam" value="12345" />
	<input type="submit" value="Submit">

When I click submit and hit my breakpoint in my servlet filter code, request.getParameter(“myRequestParam”) returns nothing because the request has no parameters. It appears the parameters are being stripped out somewhere earlier in the filter chain?

I’ve tried this with several ‘locations’ for my servlet filter, such as after-encoding, before-decoration, and before-dispatch, with the same results.

Does anyone know how I can maintain the request parameters through to my servlet filter?

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Just bumping this to get some more eyes on it.