No response from fetch to 3rd party server - Forge App

Hi there,

i try to make a soap call with an forge app to an 3rd party server. Since the server wont allow cors i need to make this call viva the backend. I can call the Server but i dont see the response from the server. For testing used the requestbin to see if the request was send and it was.

For the resolver i use:

resolver.define("test", async (req) =>{

  const response = await fetch('', {
    method: 'GET',
    headers: { 'Content-Type': 'text/xml' },

  return response.status;

I use a fronend function to display the response:

async function soapFromResolver(){
    const result = await test();
    console.debug("the result is: "+result);

But i always get the following debug output:

I am thankful for any hints.