Non-development topics

There will inevitably be some topics posted to this Developer Community website that are more product usage questions than development topics, questions that would be better asked on the new Atlassian Community site.

I wonder how this community will approach that. Will we accept a certain level of mis-placed questions as background noise? Do we just answer them and move on because, you know… life is short? Is there a way to move topics from this forum to the other? I don’t have a pony in this race, I’m just throwing the subject open. Thoughts?


Just my thoughts but if I know the answer I’ll give it and then direct them over to the user community for faster response in the future. If I don’t know the answer but I see that nobody else has responded to them yet - I’ll just point them over to the user community. Either way - we should get them over to the regular community… :slight_smile: