NoSuchMethodError for VersionManager

I use VersionManager to get and edit versions of a project. I add it to my JIRA plugin via injection and component-import.

  <component-import key="versionManager" interface="com.atlassian.jira.project.version.VersionManager"/>  

Some user of my plugin report, that they get NoSuchMethodError for e.g. editVersionDetails(Version version, String name, String description). This method is definitly available in that JIRA version. In my development environment I have the same issue if I reload the plugin via fastdev.

Any ideas, what’s going on here?

Best regards

Hi Holger,
You do not need to import VersionManager as it’s part of the API and you should be able to inject it right away. Please remove component-import. I have it this way in one of addons and it works fine for me and for about 10 customers.

Also do not use fastdev as it’s obsolete ( It stopped to work for me since JIRA 7.1.x. It actually worked somehow but JIRA started too long and reload took ages. Use QuickReload instead.

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