Not able to create more than 2 cards in trello list

I have created one .net service. In that I am using trello REST API to generate card in list. But its giving me timeout error after successfully creating 2 cards. @cards are generated successfully but while trying to create 3rd card its giving me timeout error.

Can you share the full HTTP response you’re receiving back from Trello? What API key are you using while making these requests?

Note: API keys are OK to share publicly; API tokens should never be shared.

creating multiple trello card in for loop:

My code :
System.Net.HttpWebRequest requestAddCard = WebRequest.Create(“” + listId + “&key=” + trellokey + “&token=” + trellotoken + “&name=Premium User Checkin&desc=” + txtMessage + “&due=” + DateTime.Now.AddDays(7).ToString(“M/d/yyyy”) + “&idMembers=5e9720e287b99f5fe98f9f13&idLabels=” + labelid) as HttpWebRequest;
requestAddCard.Method = “POST”;
requestAddCard.ContentType = “text/html”;
HttpWebResponse card = requestAddCard.GetResponse() as HttpWebResponse;
var traffic_response1 = new StreamReader(card.GetResponseStream());

for first 2 card it returning me status=“Ok”

for 3rd row getting below error,

API key : 45f41fd69e3f0e06a90843b7b881ba10

I don’t see any POST requests being made with this key over the past 3 days that aren’t returning a 200. This leads me to believe that something in System.Net.HttpWebRequest is stopping the last request.

If you’re using .NET, I’d recommend checking out the Manatee library: