Not able to create the "user property" in Jira cloud instance

Hi folks,

I’m trying to create “user property” in Jira Cloud instance but I’m not able to… Should I enable the option somewhere or there is no option to create at all? Please let me know. TIA!

Not sure about creating new user property through any user interface. it’s possible using REST API call. Refer below link.

@umang.savaliya Thanks for your answer it’s working I am able to create the user property.But I am not able to see where it is created. Let me know if you know where we can see those properties.

through REST API only chk get service …

@umang.savaliya Thanks for your answer. Ya I am getting through API. But I want to see that in UI. Is there any option for that?

Hey Sowmya… Generally this kind of custom properly ( like in issueType, Project, Addon, User ) used in addOn development. mostly they where used internally we can say behind the screen…

I am not sure what’s your actual use case to use this internal properly to show it in screen.



For testing use, try Entity Property Tool for Jira.
You can handle the properties on Jira UI, it’s cool.

I hope this help.