Not able to download image from JIRA to local using image url in c#

I have used the below url to get information of particular issue

“” + issueId + “/”

In that info I am able to get attachments urls included in that issue
I have used below code to download that attachments to my local path.

webClient.DownloadFile(imageurl, localpath);

Able to download but the file getting corrupted

Please help me on this or else suggest me the way to download the image to my local path

Could you please provide a more complete example of what you are trying to do? Cheers.

Also, what is the output of running the file command on the downloaded files?

Below is the url of attachment I am getting from JIRA.

I have used ‘webClient.DownloadFile(imageurl, localpath);’ to download that attachment.
Attached the output file after downloading.