Not allowed to view example "ExampleHelpers" of Atlaskit


I want to look at the example code in the atlaskit control examples (e.g. user picker). Unfortunately, I can’t look at this examples, because I’m not allowed to look at these examples.

Link to the ExampleHelper of the User Picker: kind-cache-kys4g - CodeSandbox

Can you help me?


Regards, Patrick


Hey Patrick—thanks for posting :slight_smile:

Can you see the ‘Source’ tab on the User Picker examples page on the Atlaskit website?

Hi @huw

Thanks for your answer.

Yes, I see this tab.

In the source tab, there isn’t any chance to open the ExampleWrapper source file :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Regards, Patrick

So when you click on that ‘Source’ button, do you get:

import React from 'react';
import { ExampleWrapper } from '../example-helpers/ExampleWrapper';
import UserPicker from '@atlaskit/user-picker';

export default class Example extends React.Component<{}> {
  render() {
    return (
        {({ options, onInputChange }) => (

to use the first example?

If it’s just Code Sandbox you’re worried about, I don’t think we can really make guarantees about it on packages marked with that ‘intended for internal Atlassian development’ flag.

Hey @huw

Thanks for your answer. I was interested in the ExampleWrapper (under example-helpers).

So it would be nice if I could look at the code of the complete example (the comple code in the example) :slight_smile: .

Regards, Patrick

Resolved this privately

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