Not Found Jira software's green hopper classes in jira core

we are developing jira addon base on jira core.
at this movement we need to fetch sprint then we have added jira software and using greenhopper we are able to fetch spring using @ComponentImport SprintService.

Now we are facing issue with jira core not able to resolve this SprintService at plugin install time.

how we can support that addon will work on both environment jira core/software?

is there any other way that we can check it’s jira core or software and depends on that we can check for sprint?

is there any way that we can make optional @ComponentImport SprintService??

Expected Result

addon must be installed in both jira core and jira software.

Actual Result

if SprintService is used then it’s work in software env only not in jira core.

Framework Used

Atlassian SDK

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one option would be to split your plugin into a multi module plugin.
You would build one module for you Jira Software specific code, that has the Jira Software dependency in it’s pom.xml.
In your plugin module, there is some sort of manager or service provider, that checks which version of Jira is being used and only if Jira Software is used, it calls your code that is part of the module that has the dependencies on Jira Software.

There is a thread, that helped me converting our single module plugin, to a multi module plugin:

Using this technique, we are handling the API changes Atlassian made from upgrading Jira 7 to Jira 8, without the need of building multiple plugin bundles for the different Jira Versions.

Hi @m.ahrens,
i am new in jira ecosystem can you explain some more details or can you so some example?