Not getting postData in my response json

i have created a webhook where if any user leaves a comment to the card it will get trigger and i will receive a json payload at my url. Now I am not getting the postData thing in the response. postData is something that contains the complete information about the action.

Here is what i’m receiving :

{parameter={}, contextPath=, parameters={}, contentLength=4330.0, queryString=}

it was supposed to be queryString=postData

Just to be clear, you’ve created the webhook via the Trello API, correct? You aren’t asking about a Butler command or other integration, correct?

When you create a webhook in Trello, it will make a POST request with the action data in the request body to the URL that you registered. You can not add variables into the URL.

An example of the JSON object included in the POST body can be seen here: