Notification of add-on failure

I’d like to receive an email or SMS or something whenever JIRA Cloud can’t contact my add-on for whatever reason. That’s not a current feature, is it? Can we have it? Pretty please?

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Hey @david.pinn, how would this be different from any other kind of heartbeat or healthcheck you set up for your service? Are there certain endpoints that behave differently if JIRA hits them vs a generic monitoring service?

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You’re probably right. I’m currently setting up New Relic for my add-on, which I think has a heartbeat monitoring solution. There’s also Atlassian’s StatusPage, which I definitely need to learn more about.

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In case you aren’t aware, I’d just want to remind everyone that Statuspage Business Tier is included in Free Support Tools for vendors:


That’s definitely not an optimal way, but just wanted to mention it. If you’re in a marketplace email notification list, you will receive email about marketplace not being able to poll atlassian-connect descriptor, meaning all JIRA instances can’t access your add-on.