Notification when on-page macro is deleted

Hi All!

Given a macro embedded within a Confluence page’s content, when that macro is deleted and the page with those deletion edits is saved, or its host page is deleted and purged, is there some mechanism to receive notification of this event?
Specifically, the notifications need to indicate each macro that was deleted; this way the plugin can then go and delete associated data from ActiveObjects, etc.

That, or some ability to run through all instances of this macro, compiling a list of which AO rows are referenced, and finally deleting all AO records that aren’t referenced even once. Like a periodic task that performs this kind of garbage collection.

Hello Vivid,

as far as I remember, there is no specific event, wether a macro was removed or the page with the macro was deleted. However there are some subclasses of PageEvent, which can be used to implement such a behavior.

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Hi Robert, thanks – I’ll research it.