Notifying users of the results of long running jobs

Confluence Server has several notification APIs that plugins can use to inform users of the completion of long running jobs, such as workbox and email. Confluence Cloud doesn’t seem to expose anything similar, unfortunately. Is there any REST API available that could accept an account id and a notification body and then use Confluence-derived notification preferences to notify (or not, depending on such user settings) of long running task statuses.

While we could attempt to gather user email or provide a custom slack channel url configuration option, using Confluence’s existing notification capabilities would be far superior, and make for an easy GDPR-friendly solution. Am I missing something that might provide this?

I assume you’re stating that the long running task is being run in your app? Then you want to send a webhook back to Confluence to say "Hey I’m done please notify user "?

Have you looked at this endpoint?

Keep in mind that this endpoint requires Global permission

You’ll probably need to implement it yourself. Confluence is special (in a good way) unlike the other one and has a global web panel so you can trigger a check through the iframe. That said - be careful what you ask for because your service would get hit on every confluence page load… (and don’t abuse it).

That’s right. This can be done on Confluence server with something like this I believe: – I’m looking for anything similar for Confluence cloud, where we send the webhook and the user can control whether or when they get notified using Confluence’s built-in notifications preferences.

Have you looked at this endpoint?

This is just for checking the status of a long running task that Confluence is running. It’s also quite possibly the worst example of a REST API I have ever seen :stuck_out_tongue: