Novice on developing Jira Plugin with configurable fields and ActiveMQ consumer

I need help to learn how to develop a Jira Plugin that allows Jira Admin to configure the plugin and also consume messages from the ActiveMQ.

would anyone show me how or similar examples.

1/ how to add configurable fields and store them
2/ multi-thread to monitor the ActiveMQ topic (1 thread per topic). able to start / stop / kill the thread if configuration change

Can you provide more details?

for start, I like to see how to save the configurable values in jira so that when jira restart, those values can be retrieved. Basically, user/password or certificate.

since activeMQ can publish message by topic, and there will be more than 1 topic this plugin will need to monitor and fetch the message. and the plugin will update an existing jira issue based on the instructioin in the activeMQ message.

I have develop activeMQ consumer previously. Mostly, it sits in an infinite loop to check on the message queue. Not sure how this is accomplished. If it detects and reads a message from the MQ, and start update jira issue(s) accordingly.

I’m new in Jira Plugin development, Bought the cookbook but did not seem to see how to develop a plugin which allow me to configure it.

You need to specify if this is for Jira Data Center/Server or Jira Cloud. They are completely different beasts.

For configuration for your plugin in Cloud using Forge, take a look at this:

For confguration for your plugin in Data Center/Server, take a look at this: Adding a Configuration UI for your Plugin

For listening to MQ in Data Center/Server, I think you can use this: Job Config module
Have it run regularly, or better just once per server start and do your MQ listening.

For listening to MQ in Cloud, I think you can use this in Forge:
Atlassian Connect may be a better solution… I haven’t explored it since I was told Forge is the future, but I found out many marketplace partners think otherwise.

This will be for DC/Server.

Thanks for the links.