'OAuth 2.0 is not enabled for this method' when trying to get list of worklogs

I’ve decided to explore Forge tutorials a bit further and trying to get a list of Jira worklogs, but got an issue. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I get ‘OAuth 2.0 is not enabled for this method.’ error when using /rest/api/3/worklog/list endpoint. The result is the same for asApp() and asUser() methods. I’ve added all the necessary scopes and permissions.

I’m successful with requests for other endpoints, for example: /rest/api/3/worklog/updated doesn’t return an error.

Hello @AnnaMuratova,

Are you using the right HTTP method? Get worklogs is a POST, while Get IDs of updated worklogs is a GET. Perhaps you are trying to use GET with both and that’s why only the latter works?

If that’s not it, could you show your code?

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Thanks @kkercz, that was the case!

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