OAuth 2.0 is not enabled for this method

Hello folks!
We are trying to get options for custom field as described here:
but seems like this works with login\password credentials only and for OAuth flow it says “OAuth 2.0 is not enabled for this method.”

Are there any plans to support OAuth 2.0 for this particular endpoint? Such a limitation is quite disappointing …

Would appreciate any suggestions \ workarounds

Hey Volodymyr,

While we’ve added OAuth 2.0 support to the majority of our REST APIs, some endpoints are yet to receive this treatment and require an alternate authentication mechanism for the time being, either Connect/JWT or Basic Auth. Unfortunately, this includes the /rest/api/3/customField/{fieldId}/option endpoint.

You can use the product REST documentation to verify if an endpoint is available via OAuth 2.0 - look for OAuth scopes required.

Are there any plans to support OAuth 2.0 for this particular endpoint?

Yes. For this endpoint in particular, OAuth 2.0 support should be available very soon - you can track the status of that change here: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-2103. For other endpoints more broadly, we’re planning for exhaustive OAuth 2.0 support, but unfortunately don’t have a firm date to share at this time :frowning:.

Would appreciate any suggestions \ workarounds

If you need to use this endpoint, the only available options right now are authentication via Connect/JWT or Basic Auth. If this isn’t suitable and you’re happy to share some further context on what you’re looking to accomplish, I can follow up and let you know if there are any alternatives you can try that are supported through OAuth 2.0. Alternatively, as mentioned, OAuth 2.0 support for this endpoint looks to be landing shortly based on the aforementioned link, so feel free to follow the issue and jump back in when it’s been released.

Hey Kubica,
thanks for the answer.
We are not in hurry and can wait for a while. Thanks for letting me know OAuth 2.0 for mentioned support is considered!

Regards, Volodymyr

I’d like to let you know that /customField/{fieldId}/option endpoints are enabled for OAuth now and you can use it in 3LO apps.

Do not hesitate to reach us when you are facing any other issues.
Have a nice day!


We have this issue on the following endpoint:


Is there another endpoint we can use or do you plant to support 3LO on this one?

This is extremely inconvenient for us at Marker.io. As a Jira integration, we have a massive part of our customer base that is using Jira and the user password login is really not the smooth experience we want our users to have. We spent a lot of time developing the 3LO for jira only to get stuck on this…