Oauth and batch process

Hello the community,

We are interested to implement OAUTH2 with our Confluence server, but we have 2 questions:

#1 question
How could we integrate a batch process which needs to call the Confluence OAuth 2,0 provider API but can’t obtain the token using Authorization Code based-flows (no interactive user connected).
In OAuth 2.0 it was quite simple to obtain a token with a technical account/password using Resource Owner Password Credentials. What solution do you suggest to implement such a scenario?

#2 question
Is it possible to use a third-party Authorization Server to issue tokens instead of Confluence AS?

as written by Atlassian (support) the current API does not allow bypassing the Authorization code and it is also stated that Implicit Grant and Resource Owner Password Credentials flows is not supported by the API.

Thanks for your help, advice and support.