OAuth and REST API set up

I logged a ticket for support with JIRA and they closed my ticket and told me to ask here:

I went through this “How-to” guide https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/software/jira-rest-api-oauth-authentication/
however at the end of Step1, part 3 - it says the file config.properties should be created within the target directory.

I have followed this step by step and it does not create the config.properties file, which means I am unable to proceed any further by inputting the private key file into it.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi @thomas.fitzgerald,

I just checked this and for me it seems to be working.

Did you run the
java -jar OAuthTutorialClient-1.0.jar requestToken

Command in the target directory before checking for the config.properties file?


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Yes I did run that command but there is no config.properties file which is generated, i cannot see the config.properties at all… I ran a find/grep but still couldn’t find it.

The dev came to this result, I then tried it as well, same result.

Not sure what to do if there is no config.properties file - can/do I create it manually?

Yes that should be possible.

this is the content of my generated config.properties file:

#Mon Mar 05 11:46:39 CET 2018


Turns out I needed to add sudo before the command…

which now created the config.properties file… silly me

Anyway I have gotten past that now

Thank you for your help

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