OAUTH confusion


I am a bit confused by the Atlassian documentation around OAUTH. I have written a custom connector for MS Automate (formally Flow) to insert JIRA tickets. I could not get basic auth to work (and that was only every going to be used for testing the flow) and so went to OAUTH 2. As far as I can see JIRA only supports OAUTH 1a for non Atlassian apps. This can’t be true can it?

This is the documentation page I am using
OAUTH documentation

I expect I am missing something. Any help would be gratefully received

Hi @TonyDavies,

I’m a bit confused as well because you tagged your post as a question for Jira Server, but the documentation you linked is for Jira Cloud. Might that be the issue here?

For Jira Server you’ll probably wanna have a look at this instead.

Pro tip: Always look in the top left corner (or the URL) to check whether the piece of docs you’re reading is for Server or Cloud. :slight_smile:



@sven.schatter thanks, I knew I was missing something.


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