Oauth Dance Failure / related Authentication problems

Good afternoon,

I have success being able to authenticate to my JIRA Core server using Cookies method and am able to get some key information going. However, it seems like there are some issues with this approach.

So far I tried two different oauth authentication and have come across this error in both samples, when I tried to debug responses from requests library:

raise TokenRequestDenied(error % (r.status_code, r.text), r)
requests_oauthlib.oauth1_session.TokenRequestDenied: Token request failed with code 400, response was ‘oauth_parameters_absent=oauth_consumer_key&oauth_problem=parameter_absent’.

I am looking into the jira logs analyzer as well to see if anything gets picked up or if I can find any more detailed logs on the server side.

Definite will update this thread as I get more info and since I recently joined will also go through similar threads, in hopes of solving my issue .:smiley:

EDIT: Tried the method here https://github.com/cyriptix/atlassian-oauth-helper I am going to look at Oauth3 legged setup since someone told me that works.

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