OAuth rotating tokens: Intermittent Failures


I am having an intermittent issue with the rotating tokens. Every once in a while my requests to get a new token will start giving me a 401 with this error:

    "error": "invalid_grant",
    "error_description": "Unknown or invalid refresh token."

These are the query parameters I am sending:

refresh_token = My Refresh Token
client_id = My Client Id
client_secret = My Client Secret

Basically I am doing this:

  1. Make a request.
  2. If I get a 401 I go refresh the token.
  3. Make the request again.

It looks like the last refresh token I receive before the failures start is invalid before I even get it, I have noticed others posting about just not getting a refresh token at all but
Is there anything I can do to ensure my tokens are valid or see why they are not valid? We have a 15 minute job that polls data from JIRA so it would never hit the 30 day expiration for the refresh token itself.

Thanks for any help you can provide!


Between the title with “intermittent failures” and the nature of authorization, I think this will be best handled as a developer support ticket. My hunch is that we will need your client_id, some x-trace-id headers, and maybe some timestamps from failures to help narrow down the problem in our logs.

Sounds good, thank you! I will open a ticket!