Only a single entry of the jira:projectPage module can be defined in the manifest

When I try to add a second jira:projectPage, I hit this error. Is there a workaround this issue? Are there plans to support multiple project pages in the same forge app?

@gabrielsan can you include the error? There is a limit of one project page per app I believe.

@gabrielsan Welcome to Atlassian developer community.

At this point we have a limitation of 1 project page per app. We’re working on supporting multiple pages.

I’ve created an issue here [FRGE-509] Multiple project pages for a forge app - Ecosystem Jira please watch it for updates.


Thanks for your reply. I’m developing an app that would need two separate pages. I know I can manage to implement something in a single page, but I believe that’s worse in terms of UX.

I’ll sign up to watch that issue, thank you very much