Open Jira Issue Popup / Modal in Forge Custom UI

Hello, is it possible to have a Jira issue appear in a custom UI app as a popup or modal? I’m looking for the same type of behavior that happens when you click on an issue in your Sprint / Board.

For example, ?selectedIssue=AA-999 is appended to the URL, and the issue and all of it’s details popups above the current content (and can be closed). Is this possible via native integration, or perhaps an iframe?



Hello, @BM_50,

It’s not possible at the moment, but we are working on providing an API for apps to open issue view and issue create modals. We should have something ready in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye on the changelog! :slight_smile:


Hi @kkercz – that’s awesome news! I will definitely keep an eye out for this!

One feature I would be interested in (with respect to issue create modals) would be the ability to pre-populate some fields with data upon modal creation. Is this something that’s on the radar, too?

Yes, the API will allow exactly that!

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@kkercz that’s great to hear! Is there an updated ETA on this API? We’re very anxious to test it out. Our Forge apps are coming together pretty quickly, and this will be a key functionality.

@kkercz are there any e.g. FRGE issue on this so we get notified when this is done?
Much better than tracking the changelog :slight_smile:

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Similar to: Method to invoke modal issue view (standard)?

Would be nice to have a jira issue to track.

@freatt and @AB23Sunset,

Did you know the FRGE project is open for public issue contributions? Not that Atlassians won’t file bugs for you, but there’s no reason to be blocked when you can raise the issue yourself.

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And we actually have an issue for this: [FRGE-494] - Ecosystem Jira with all the latest updates.