Open new page screen with Forge?

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I’m quite new with Atlassian Forge. So far I created a simple Confluence macro with using some Confluence REST API.

But for another use case I’d like to have a button/ link on a page. When clicking the button the new Confluence page screen (blank page) should be opened and some predifiend labels should be applied automatically.
My idea is to create a macro but I’m not sure which documentation to look at for building the URL. I suspect there should be some javascript documentation but I couldn’t find it.
And will it even be possible to open that page with Atlassian Forge?

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It sounds like what you’d like to do is somewhat feasible

Where do you imagine this button/link being? You’re effectively limited to where you can show the button inside of Confluence by the Confluence modules listed here: Those modules are the extension points where a Forge app’s content/buttons can be shown.

On the creation side, I believe you could use the Product Fetch API to make a request to the Create Content endpoint to create a new page. And then follow-up with update requests to add labels.

I do not think there is a URL format that you can use to do this.

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Thanks for your reply.

I would like to add this button in a custom macro. So not somewhere in the actual UI.
I will take a look at that product fetch API.