Open subtask dialog on JIRA Cloud

I have successfully opened the standard JIRA issue dialog, to create a new issue, by using the AP.jira module (

Now, I need to open the subtask dialog, and I already have the ID of the parent issue. It is possible to do on JIRA server, but I can’t see how on JIRA Cloud.

Is there any available API for it?



Did you manage to open the subtask create dialog? Or are you still waiting for an answer?

André Rodrigues

Hi @andre.rodrigues,

I went to the last Connect Week in Austin and the guys from Atlassian basically said it is not possible to do it. Currently, there is no API for this.

Let’s wait for the next episodes :slight_smile:

Hi @vpelizza,

Thank you for the fast answer i guess we will have to wait for the next episodes indeed.

Is there any update on this?

@rwhitbeck or @pvandevoorde do you guys know of any workaround or anyone that might be able to help us open a dialog to create a sub-task? We are trying to replicate functionality we have on Server in the Cloud version of our add-on where it is possible to pre-populate the create sub-task dialog with a parent and other details.


@istankiewicz do you know of a way to help out with this?

@rwhitbeck or @pvandevoorde - any updates on this?