Open the "Dot dialog" via Connect JS API

Hi, when customers use our (full-screen) Add-on experience, we often see them attempting to use the “Dot-dialog” to navigate around Jira. However, when the Connect iFrame has the focus, this dialog doesn’t open, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to programatically trigger it.

Is there a way to do so? If not, can this be added to the Connect JS API?


Hi @hobweger,

I’m not sure this is necessarily a good idea since the dialog launched by the app should logically take over the experience, but the dot dialog would appear above it and relate to the experience of the page. If anything, I would think the launching of the dot dialog should be disabled if there is already a connect dialog open and closeOnEscape === true, or, if closeOnEscape === false then the dialog would be closed and the dot dialog opened.


Hi Dugald,

I agree that there shouldn’t be two dialogs open at the same time, but that’s not the case for my add-on. It’s really just a jiraProjectPages module and looks like any other native Jira page. Hence peeps expect the dot dialog to work.

If I (as a Connect plugin) could programatically trigger the dot dialog, I could and would make sure that it’s not triggered in any situation that would be awkward, e.g. if there’s already a Connect dialog open at the same time.

Hope this clarifies,

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Thanks @hobweger,

I can see how this would create a more consistent experience so I’ve created ACJIRA-2302 to request this feature.


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